Labour Day commemorations muted amid pandemic

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By Jayne Kaonga

Malawi and the rest of the world are today observing muted International Labour Day commemorations due to prevailing coronavirus restrictions.

So far, the virus has claimed three lives locally and over 200,000 across the globe.

Apart from health and safety concerns, the day has also come amid serious fears of job losses resulting from the impacts of the pandemic.

This year’s theme is Sustainable Jobs, Incomes, Social Protection for All through Social Dialogue in the wake of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions – MCTU General Secretary, Dennis Kalekeni, is appealing to the government to facilitate increased disposable incomes to households.

International Workers Day or Labour Day in some countries often referred to as May Day, is a celebration of labourers and the working classes.

The date was chosen by a pan-national organization of socialist and communist political parties to commemorate the Haymarket Affair, which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886.

The 1904 Sixth Conference of the Second International, called on all Social Democratic Party organizations and trade Unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on the First of May for the legal establishment of the eight-hour day.


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