Health personnel demand loans

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Nurses and midwives in the country are demanding provision of a loan facility to enable them buy motorcars to ease mobility problems during the current pandemic.

This is one of the demands that the health personnel issued during commemoration of this year’s International Nurses Day yesterday.

In a statement, president of the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives in Malawi Shouts Simenza observes that health workers face various transport challenges.

He points out that nurses and midwives face public stigma on the long distances that they have travel from home to health facilities using public transport.

Simenza suggests that provision of employer-guaranteed loans to enable them buy personal vehicles could be a solution to protect them from abuse.

He also proposes the purchase of buses in the country’s four central hospitals to transport health personnel to and from work.

He further lobbies for introduction of a budget for special vehicles to transport personnel working in the districts.



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