Blantyre Synod urges Malawians to vote wisely

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The CCAP Blantyre synod has joined other faith groups in urging Malawians to vote wisely in next week’s fresh presidential election.

In a letter read in their churches today, the synod wants the citizenry to vote for an experienced, visionary and selfless leader.

The letter signed by the synod’s moderator, Masauko Mbolembole and General Secretary Billy Gama comes amid growing squabbles within the synod over the conduct of some pastors who made political endorsements ahead of the fresh presidential election.

Just recently, some reverends were taken to task for telling their followers specific candidates to vote for.

In the letter, the synod describes a good leader as someone with maturity, humbleness, trustworthy, sober, God fearing, and one that will not lead the nation into a path of destruction.

They further call for a candidate that will promote good governance with respect for the rule of law and able to oversee the checks and balances of all the arms of government. 

The communiqué however discredits those that have not led the nation before, arguing they may not have experience to ably handle national crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.

The synod leaders are also against the public voting for politicians for their popularity and sweet talk at the expense of the aforementioned qualities.

The fresh presidential election is set for June 23, in which three candidates are contesting.

These are Peter Mutharika of the DPP/UDF Alliance, Lazarus Chakwera of the Tonse Alliance and Peter Kuwani of the Mbakuwaku Movement for Development.


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