My Bucks launches international trade financing department

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By Earlene Chimoyo

Enterprises in the private sector now have maximised links to international trade financing following the establishment of a platform that offers the same by high street My Bucks Banking Corporation.

The finance group has announced the establishment of its own fully fledged International Trade Financing Department.

In a statement the banks Chief Commercial Officer Bernard Mkandawire indicates that they decision comes cognisant of how as an institution they value the role that international trade plays in the economic growth of the domestic market.

He adds that it is important that they become the epicentre of facilitating trade transactions for their current and potential customers by establishing this department.

The facility is expected to improve efficiency of bank payments, as well as improve services such as Advance Payments and Lines of Credit for customers trading in foreign currency in order towards eliminating export and import challenges.

The FinTech Company, which recently acquired NedBank Malawi, is part of MyBucks SA, Headquatered in Luxembourg and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.



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