Man commits suicide in Mulanje

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A 26-year-old man has committed suicide in Mulanje following disagreements with his mother over a blanket.

Mulanje Police Spokesperson Gresham Ngwira identifies the man as Dave Kachere.

It is alleged that on Monday Kachere sold his blanket so that he could use the money for transport to Blantyre.

According to his mother, Juliana Mwatani, Kachere was given half of the money and went back to the customer waiting for the remaining balance.

When his mother discovered this, she criticized Kachere angering him in the process.

The following morning his body was found hanging from a tree in a nearby garden. Following a report, police visited the scene and confirmed the incident.

Postmortem results cited suffocation secondary to strangulation as cause of death.

Kachere hailed from Ngolowera village, senior chief Chikumbu in Mulanje.

Police are advising the public to find better ways of solving problems unlike taking their own lives.


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