C.H.R.I.M. preaches faith, love and hope in new mixtape 

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By John Namalenga Jnr

Local gospel rap artist Christian Mwase, also known by his stage name C.H.R.I.M, is spreading the message of faith, love and hope in his yet to be released mixtape.

The project titled FLH mixtape, is set to be released on Saturday, 25 July. He believes it has come at a right time when Malawi has been heavily hit with Covid-19 pandemic where faith, love and hope may be lost.

"Worldwide, this is a difficult time, and Malawians are passing through the same but we need love, faith and hope to survive.

"We need love for one another, since there are economic challenges that require us to share a little something with one another. And of course faith and hope that all this will come to an end," explained Christian.

The Lilongwe based young male artist therefore hopes issues tackled in his mixtape will instill the messages in his listeners.

He further describes his 16-track mixtape as a point of personal reflection since he has shared personal stories in some of the songs.

"If for instance you listen to a song titled Sindili Ndekha in the mixtape, you will realize that you are not alone in whatever you are passing through as a person," he narrates.

He further adds that he is not sharing his stories as someone who is mighty but an individual who is living a life similar to anyone but chooses to live with faith, love and hope.

In music, Christian believes a lot can be shared, including inspiration and enlightenment on the deeper meaning of the issues talked of in the project.

C.H.R.I.M who is also a journalist and co-founder of an initiative called Young Gifted and Saved hopes to distribute the mixtape for sale online and offline.


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