Police warn of tricksters

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Police in Mulanje district is imploring people to be careful with people with whom they do business to avoid being duped.

Mulanje Police Spokesperson, Gresham Ngwira has made the sentiment in a statement made available to Capital FM.

It follows the arrests of two people over rape and theft charges.

Ngwira identifies the two as 29-year-old Frank Mitambo and a 38-year-old herbalist, Goliat Walace.

According the Ngwira the reporter of the case, Lloyd Kapalamula in July this year, was approached by Mitambo for a loan of MK600,000 with the borrower’s Toyota Sienta as surety.

Kapalamula and his wife then traveled from Mponela to Mulanje where Mitambo stays.

But instead of giving him the requested figure, Kapalamula only managed MK500, 000.

However, after receiving the money, Mitambo did not even show the vehicle to Kapalamula as agreed.

Instead, he told Kapalamula who was accompanied by his wife, to go to Walace the herbalist so that he should also get rich.

The unsuspecting man complied and went to Walace where he was given some charms.

After this, Kapalamula was told to tell his wife also to visit the herbalist saying charms work better when a wife is involved.

While there, Mitambo raped the wife saying it was part of the ritual and the husband was already aware of.

After this, Mitambo and Wallace told the two to travel back the same day saying spending another night away from home would affect the charms.

Ngwira explained that while at home his wife explained her ordeal, a development which pushed the husband to report to police.

Following the report, police arrested Mitambo and the herbalist, Walace who have both been charged with an offence of theft by trick.

Additionally, Mitambo has been charged with an offence of rape.



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