Masomphenya teams up with Brindle on an “interpretation” joint

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By John Namalenga Jnr

Malawian gospel rap artist, Masomphenya, hopes to collaborate with more local and international artists before he produces his fourth album after the release of his widely debated project called Apologia.

Masomphenya, whose real name is Honest Kachaje, said this after releasing a new song this week with a Philadelphia based gospel rap artist Timothy Brindle.

As fellow students at Westminster Theological Seminary, Masomphenya collaborates with Timothy Brindle on the song “The Interpreter,” in which they interpret one another’s lyrics from English to Chichewa, and vice versa.

The song according to Brindle, is relevant because it speaks to what God has already done in Christ through his death, and resurrection, in reconciling all nations to Himself and to each other.

“It has been amazing working with a Malawian artist, especially one as talented as Masomphenya. He is extremely gifted, in such a way, that recording alongside him in the studio really pushed me to step up my game.

“Even though I did not know exactly what he was saying as he spit in Chichewa, his lyrical delivery, outstanding breath control, and smooth flow, really drove me to the next level,” added Brindle.

In the song, the two agree in the first verse that one of the most basic and foundational principles of Biblical interpretation is that Scripture interprets Scripture.

In second verse as they continue to rap in Chichewa and English, they stress that in Scripture, God interprets His own saving acts.

Third verse of the lyrical adventure produced by Mikey Bingo emphasizes that although God scattered the nations of fallen humanity and confused their languages in Genesis 11, in the following chapter He promised to gather the nations back to Himself through the offspring of Abraham.

“The song gives practical ways to its listener on how they may be able to interpret the Bible and it’s a reminder to Christians that no prophecy is authentic if it falls outside the reading word of God,” comments Masomphenya.

Masomphenya who is well known for his thought provoking lyrics further hopes he will collaborate with more artists mostly those that have the same passion with him of preaching the Gospel.

His recently released Apologia album continues to sell among his audience with songs like Dzuka, Osamangomeza, Osajaja and Dzina la Yesu being in the playlist among others.


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