work together for better cities -Chakwera tells councils and vendors

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By Capital FM 

President Lazarus Chakwera has stressed that Malawi cannot hope to have clean and dynamic cities unless local authorities and vendors engage in meaningful conversation.

The remarks are contained in his latest weekly address to the nation in which he tackled the contentious issue of street vending which is blamed for the shabby and unsanitary state of the country’s cities and towns.

Since the advent of democracy, successive governments have failed to rid the country’s city and town streets of vendors for fear of losing what they consider a formidable political constituency.

“We need to be honest with ourselves and each other by accepting that we are all partly to blame for the fact that our cities are in disarray,” Chakwera stated.

In his address on Saturday night, Chakwera stressed that building a new Malawi with beautiful cities cannot be possible if vendors and city authorities continue to treat each other as adversaries.

“The truth of the matter is that we cannot succeed in turning our cities into hubs of beauty, order, efficiency, and industry if business actors and state actors do not work together as partners to create innovative solutions to the functional challenges our cities are facing,” the President said.

He then announced that he will soon engage with authorities from all of the country’s local councils to map the way forward on how to resolve the issue.

“I will host three strategic conferences with the Councilors of our three cities, beginning with the 27 Councilors of Lilongwe City. Under my presidency, the city authorities will receive the support they need to serve Malawi’s citizens with excellence and turn our cities into flourishing havens of peace and prosperity, even for vendors,” he added.

 Meanwhile, some commentators on social media are accusing Chakwera of failing to take a stand to decisively deal with the street vending problem so early in his presidency.


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