Namadingo makes history with "Mapulani"

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By Florence Mwale

Afro-beat artist Patience Namadingo has made history on the local music scene by gaining one million views on YouTube within five months.

This is the second Malawian music video to reach one million views on the site.


The song, titled Mapulani was uploaded to the streaming site on March 11, this year. It quickly gained views after positive feedback from fans when the audio was released.

 The video was shot in Area 47 in Lilongwe by Essim Shaib M'bwana of an Animal Lab Productions. In the video, Namadingo meets his love interest one evening and sings to her the plans he has for their future.

Apart from gaining over a million views on YouTube, the song Mapulani also inspired numerous remakes from fans with the most popular being of a four year old boy and girl not only singing but remaking scenes from the video.

Writing on his Facebook page, Namadingo thanks his fans in the country and Zambia where his music has also gained popularity.

The artist is expected to release another music video next month and is confident it will take less than five months to reach a million views. Namadingo currently has over 22, 500 subscribers on YouTube.


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