MEC finalizes review of polling procedures

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Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has finalised the review of polling procedures manual and forms in response to 2019 Presidential case court ruling.

MEC is responding to the court ruling on 2019 Presidential case which ordered the electoral organisation to review some of its procedures.

The three day exercise was held in Mulanje as the Presidential Elections case subjected the electoral process to an intense scrutiny.

According to MEC Commissioner Steve Duwa, they reviewed polling procedures manual and forms associated with the parliamentary elections polling process and the process was aimed to ensure credibility of the elections and win public trust in the next elections.

Meanwhile the National Initiative on Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust is calling for speedy reforms of electoral laws as recommended by the 2017 Special Law Commission.

These reforms include the promotion of inclusiveness and participation of people in the process of democracy.

Harmonization of electoral laws with the constitution has also been cited as a key reform that stakeholders, mostly parliamentarians need to consider.

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