MJ man arrested for alleged murder of 3 year old niece

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By Grace Donga


Police in Mulanje have arrested 32-year-old Richard Mphito for allegedly murdering his 3 year-old niece during a heated dispute with his sister.

According to Mulanje Police Publicist Gresham Ngwira, the incident happened when the suspect ordered the sister, Ethel, to stop cultivating on a piece of land that he had apportioned to her some 3 years ago.

The confrontation that followed, resulted in Richard hitting the child on the forehead with a metal bar while she was strapped to her mother’s back.

Ngwira states that efforts to rush the unconscious child to Chambe Health Centre for treatment proved futile as she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, the police Spokesperson is  has indicated that Mphito will soon appear before a court of law to answer murder charges.


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