Activists Kajoloweka, Banda turn down board appointments

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By Catherine Tinto


Two rights activists have rejected their board appointments on grounds that they want to protect their integrity.


The two are Charles Kajoloweka, Executive Director of the Youth and Society organisation and Chairperson of the NGO Gender Coordination Network-GCN Barbra Banda.


President Lazarus Chakwera appointed Kajoloweka as board member of the National Youth Council while Banda was appointed into the TEVETA board.


The much awaited list of new boards of 67 parastatals was announced Wednesday this week.


Kajoloweka who champions the Youth Decide manifesto believes serving in the board would compromise his role as an activist.


On the other hand, Banda’s decision is a protest against the appointment of few women in the new boards.


However, Banda has told Capital FM that her rejection is not a major setback to women representation in the boards.


“We cannot be seen, on one hand saying this is wrong,  on another hand we join what is wrong, it  means we are becoming  accomplices, so that's  why i am saying for me, no, until we sort out this issue. I am just standing for what is wright,” Banda emphasized while baking her decision.

Gender equality remain a challenge as women continue to be under represented in various positions of influence in the country.




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