Zimbabwe bans 'unconstitutional' march by opposition

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By BBC Africa 

The authorities in Zimbabwe have banned a planned anti-corruption march organised by the main opposition party MDC-Alliance.

State-owned newspaper, The Herald, quotes information ministry spokesperson Nick Mangwana as saying that the march scheduled for 31 July is a "subversion of the constitutional order".

"What is being planned for July 31 is unconstitutional and it will not be allowed to happen. The State has apparatus that are in place to ensure that the constitutional order [is maintained]," Mr Mangwana told the newspaper.

"There is nothing anti-corruption about the protests, as you can see, everyone is mobilising with the view of overthrowing the government," he added.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week sacked Health Minister Obadiah Moyo for “inappropriate conduct” over a $60m (£48m) medicines supply scandal. The minister has not responded to the allegations.

Mr Moyo was last month arrested on charges of corruption and abuse of office in connection with a coronavirus equipment procurement scandal, but was later released on bail.


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