Agyemang Badu: Covid, my brush with death - and seeking justice for my sister

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By BBC Africa

Emmanuel Agyemang Badu is a Ghana midfielder playing for Hellas Verona in Italy - where, like most countries, football is on hold during the coronavirus crisis.

In March, his sister Hagar was shot and killed in the city of Berekum. He has not being able to go back to Ghana to see his family because of the pandemic.

2019 and 2020 have been the toughest years of my life.

I nearly died, I got a lot of injuries - and then I lost my sister in a very painful way.

It's very difficult for me and my family. The guy who shot my sister is on the run; they haven't got him yet, because things are going slowly because of this virus.

It was a disaster.

I live alone here in Verona. My girlfriend and my child are not here with me, and I'm in the middle of this pandemic.

I need to thank my family and friends and our team and my agent.

My coach has called me every day to check up on me - as well as the team manager and the president. They have all been wonderful.

Without them it would have been a disaster.

I have been in a room for 34 days. My sister has been killed painfully and I couldn't go to see what happened.

But this is the job I have chosen. This is how the situation has been.

I just need to abide with it it, take care of myself, be mentally tough and live with it right now - because right now I can't do anything.


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