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Concerned citizens in a campaign to raise funds for Mutharika’s court bills

Self-styled Concerned Citizens are lobbying donors to intervene in former President Peter Mutharika’s welfare claiming he is being politically victimized.

In a statement, the grouping is faulting a recent High Court order for Mutharika to pay K69.5 million costs despite his account being frozen.

The court order, is in respect to a case where Mutharika and former Chief Secretary Lloyd Muhara were condemned for attempting to send Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Justice Edward Twea on forced leave.

While stressing that they do not intend to defend anyone from any wrong doing or comment on court rulings and judgments, the concerned citizens are indicating that a debate has to be sparked on the wellbeing of Mutharika.

They state that being a former President, Mutharika is entitled to some benefits, but it is questionable if indeed he is getting the benefits.

Mutharika’s accounts were frozen by the Anti-Corruption Bureau to uncover the role he played in a K5 billion cement scandal.

Chairman for the grouping of the concerned citizens, Mundango Nyirenda, questions the practicality of Mutharika complying with the court order to pay the K69.5 Million while his bank accounts are frozen.

“After all is said and done, we felt the pressure was just too much on the former President, and unfortunately everyone seems not to care as people have folded their arms and are just looking at what is happening to Mutharika.

“What we are forgetting is that a very bad precedent is being set today, and after APM we do not know who is next in line to be victimized,” reads part of the statement.

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Nyirenda further blames the current developments on the Tonse Alliance which he says is intending to politically persecute and ‘finish off’ Mutharika.

As they have written to the donor community to intervene on the matter, the grouping is opening a bank account where well wishers are being asked to donate through, for Mutharika’s court sanctioned bills to be settled.

Leaders in the Tonse Alliance are yet to respond to matters raised by the Mutharika sympathizers.

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