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DRTSS gets tough on unregistered vehicles

An operation is in full swing by traffic authorities who are impounding unregistered motor vehicles as well as those that fail to display number plates.

It follows a proving fashion by some motorists who are using unregistered motor vehicles on the country’s public roads.

According to the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services-DRTSS, the operation of any motor vehicle is regulated by the Road Traffic Act and Road Traffic Regulations.

As such all vehicle owners are supposed to abide by all the provisions as stipulated in the laws and regulations for the safety and security of their vehicles, lives and that of other road users.

The general public is being reminded that it is an offence contrary to Section 11(2) of the Road Traffic Act (1997) to drive an unregistered vehicle on a public road.

An imported motor vehicle, according to the DRTSS, is given only 14 days to facilitate clearance with Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and get registered with DRTSS within the stated period.

The directorate further informs the general public that all trailers that are driven on any public road must also be registered.

The directorate has also noted the growing tendency of some motor vehicle owners to drive vehicles without displaying registration number plates.

According to the DRTSS this is a traffic offence contrary to Regulation of the Road Traffic which stipulates that “the owner of any motor vehicle shall affix a registration plate of the motor vehicle from the date of registration whether or not the motor vehicle is operated on a public road”.

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The general public is further warned against boarding unregistered motor vehicles or motor vehicles without a number plate as there are increased reports of attacks and theft whenever such vehicles are used.


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