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ESCOM, Security Company differ on contract agreements

ESCOM officials are trashing allegations raised by Kamu Guard Services Company that they breached contractual agreements.

Yesterday, the owner of the security company Davie Kanyoza claimed that he has failed to pay July salaries to his 303 workers due to the termination of a business contract which his company had with ESCOM.

It came after police used teargas to disperse the security guards who were protesting at their offices in Blantyre over the non-payment of salaries.

Kanyoza alleged that ESCOM only issued a one month notice before terminating the contract on July 31 without paying their dues to the company.

“In the contract which we signed with ESCOM, we agreed that we will be given a 60 day notice, but to our surprise they only gave us a 30 day notice,” said Kanyoza.

He added, “ESCOM has removed us from their premises saying police will be responsible for providing security services. Our concern is that they have removed us without giving us our money for no reason.”

Commenting on the development, Public Relations Manager for ESCOM Innocent Chitosi highlights that they had a contract with the said company running from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, and after it expired they extended it for four months to July 31.

Chitosi: They did not honor the agreement

Chitosi adds that the parastatal was displeased upon discovering that the security company was not honoring the agreement.

According to Chitosi, the agreement required Kamu Guard Services to deploy 303 guards, but instead, the company only provided 256 guards, leading to a deduction of some money.

“They are aware of what has been happening. On June 30 2021 we wrote them a reminder that the contract would end on 31st July.” He stated.

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“They billed us for 303 guards yet they were giving us 256 guards for four months. It meant they were overcharging us about K19 million  (K18 616 700). So we wrote them that we would be deducting them at equal instalments in the range of 6.2 million Kwacha,” added the ESCOM Public Relations Manager.

During the demonstrations yesterday, one of the guards at Kamu Guard Service Godfrey Namithambo said they had been told by their bosses that salaries will be paid either on the 16, 17 or the 18th of August.

The security company was responsible for guarding ESCOM premises in the Southern and Eastern Regions.

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