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‘Fatsani’ set for release next year

Media consultancy and advertisement agency HD Plus Creations, has announced 30 April 2021 as the release date for a highly anticipated movie titled Fatsani – A tale of survival.

The movie which is inspired by true events centers on how corruption led to closure of a school where the main character, Fatsani, was enrolled and further tells a story of how the young girl went through abuse, how she survived and became a hero.

Shooting of the movie started in October 2019 and is currently in its final phase of production where it has to be marketed to reach larger audiences upon release.

“We are story tellers and we want to depict what is happening on the ground, so Fatsani is doing just that through the collaboration with other colleagues who made sure that we produce the best product,” explained Hastings Hago Golosi, Producer of the movie.

During a press briefing where the release date was announced, HD Plus Creations Chief Executive Officer who is also Film Director and Executive Producer of the movie, Gift Sukez Sukali, pointed out that shooting of the movie was done locally in Lilongwe.

Production of the movie according to Sukali has therefore created a lot of jobs and continues to do so in the moments they are planning on premiering and distributing it to different outlets.

“This is the first movie in Malawi to be made for cinemas and we used high-end cameras and technologies which are accepted internationally,” added Sukali.

While striving to fight against poverty, child labour and corruption in the movie, the production company is seeking partnerships in promoting it now as they have so far used over K40 million in production.

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Expectations are that after the official release at BICC in Lilongwe next year, the movie will be taken to other parts of the country offline and beyond Malawi for others to enjoy.

The tale of survival was initially scheduled to be launched in September 2020 but financial and other logistical challenges impacted the process negatively. Selection of April 2021 as the official release date has been made with hope that more international airports will be open to allow international delegates to attend.

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