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Government, TUM back to the dialogue table tomorrow

Learners in public schools will continue to be denied access to education until an impending meeting between a negotiating team from the government and officials of the Teachers Union of Malawi-TUM materializes.

According to officials from the government, the proposed meeting is slated for tomorrow (8 April) although there are doubts on the availability of TUM officials who expressing reservations.

On Tuesday, teachers in public schools resumed boycotting work after the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 quashed a proposal by TUM to give money meant for PPEs to teachers for three months.

The teachers’ body through its President Willie Malimba argues that previous meetings of this nature, have seen the two sides failing to reach a compromise.

“We are surprised with the invitation they have sent us because we have already met them before. I wonder what else they want us to discuss at this particular meeting,” wondered the TUM leader.

The teachers ‘resumption of the strike has also lead to pockets of protests by pupils and students from public schools, who feel they are being denied their right to educations and losing out a lot.

“Teachers are just waiting to hear from the government on the amount of money which the government has committed to give us for the stated period.” Emphasized Malimba.

On his part, Information Minister Gospel Kazako who is also a member of the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 suggests that their exact stand will be known after holding the aforementioned meeting.

“As you are aware tomorrow the government negotiating team will be meeting the TUM team so it will not be very ethical, productive, progressing if we start to discuss these matters in the media. So let us wait,” Kazako stressed.

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TUM officials have previously met officials from the Ministry of Education, Parliamentary Committee on Education as well as President Lazarus Chakwera but they have failed to reach to a consensus on their demands.

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