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Government unhappy with peanut sponsorship packages

The government is pledging to intervene in courting various companies to pump in reasonable amounts of money into different sports activities.

It follows growing concerns that local sports continues to be regarded as social rather than a serious occupation, owing to insignificant investments by companies.

Local football, for example, is characterised by several top flight teams who have no steady sponsorship and are merely surviving on the goodwill of some individuals.

As for the top league itself, the champions go home with a mere K15 million in prize money after playing 30 games for a whole season, a development which various stakeholders describe as unreasonable.

Commenting after he was asked, Sports Minister Ulemu Msungama says time has come for action.

“We have talked about it and we need to improve. We are not going to tolerate that. We need a win-win situation,” he emphasized.

“For instance, a company makes a two thousand Kwacha profit and when it comes to helping Malawians they only take out one or two Tambala, to me that is an insult. As the government we are going to challenge them to pump in good money,” Msungama highlighted.

Suggestions have been widely made by some stakeholders including the media, for administrators to put up policies that will regulate the amount of money which companies can put to sponsor sports.

Minus little money put on various sports disciplines by the private sector, a lot of well-known companies that used to sponsor various sporting activities have stopped.

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