Nankhumwa praised for extending olive branch

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Political commentators are commending Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa for extending an olive branch to the opposition for dialogue.

Speaking at a political rally in Blantyre last weekend, Nankhumwa said he was ready to meet the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera and UTM’s Saulos Chilima for dialogue in order to end the political impasse.

“I’m of the view that whatsoever is happening in the country is political and thereby needs a political solution. The church and well-known politicians need to also come in and bring peace in the country,” Nankhumwa said.

His remarks were however contrary to earlier remarks made by President Peter Mutharika who on several occasions has failed to call for dialogue as means of quelling the political tension.

During the 6 July Independence Day commemorations at the Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Mutharika showed no signs of backing down indicating that the opposition would only rule Malawi over his dead body and he will fight force with force.

Commenting on Nankhumwa’s remarks, Nandin Patel who is a Political Science Lecturer at the Catholic University believes the call for dialogue should be welcomed and taken in good faith before pre-empting that the intentions are not genuine.

“Even though the offer was made at a political rally, it still shows that they want the tension to end but it would have been better if the call was made by the party’s president,” Patel explained.

Another commentator, Enerst Thindwa of the Chancellor College, has told Capital FM that the DPP should be commended for coming to the realisation that negotiations need to be carried out to end the on-going political tension.

The public was however not as convinced with many of them taking to social media to express their views on the matter. Many are of the view that this was a deliberate move by Nankhumwa as he is strategically positioning himself so Mutharika considers giving him a top position in the party.


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