Two arrested over failed get-rich-quick scheme

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The police in Machinga are keeping custody two men on allegations that they wanted to get rich using the blood of a leprosy survivor.

The two are Ikira Kabudula, 42, and 36 year old Imran Adam.

According to the eastern region police publicist Joseph Sauka, in 2017, Kabudula met a herbalist while working in Luchinga district in Mozambique.

The herbalist is said to have been looking for a person from Malawi who had been cured of leprosy.

 Sauka adds that the herbalist intended to use the leprosy survivor’s blood for money multiplication rituals.

 After receiving directions from the herbalists, Kabudula returned to the country where he met with his accomplice Adam.

 Then last week Monday, Kabudula and Adam went to a leprosy survivor and told him that they only wanted his blood and not his life.

This however brought fear to the victim who reported the matter to the police who later arrested the suspects. The two are expected to appear before court soon where they will answer a case of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code.

This incident comes as people with albinism are still living in fear killings and abductions in which they are targeted due to superstitious beliefs that they body parts can make one wealthy.

The Police in the district have since urged the public to stop using superstitious means of getting rich and work hard.



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