SADC condemns xenophobic attacks in SA

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By BBC Africa 

The SADC Council for Non-Governmental Organizations is calling for action on xenophobic violence in South Africa describing it “a racist development”.

The council stresses that the recent outbreak of violence is a matter of grave concern for South Africa, the SADC region and Africa as a whole.Malawians and scores of foreign nationals have been affected in the attacks. 

According to a statement issued by Executive Director of the SADC council of NGOS, Glenn Farred, the organization is condeming these attacks and calls upon SADC member states to unequivocally condemn the recent and continued Xenophobia attacks and rhetoric in South Africa.

The latest outbreak of xenophobic attacks has attracted criticism from several African nations, especially Nigeria as political and business leaders from at least 28 countries were gathering ahead of the Africa Edition of the World Economic Forum in Cape Town.

The SADC Council NGO’s body is urging political stakeholders and the South African government to end the denials of the racist xenophobia that is being expressed through this violence and recognize that far from being sporadic, isolated acts of criminality, these are indeed organized acts of violence born of hatred.

The statement explains further that continued violence in South Africa is a matter of grave concern for all Africans and must be placed urgently on the agenda of SADC to assist its government to intervene in this situation.

The CSOs are calling on the President of South Africa to meet responsible representatives of the affected communities and constituencies and to publicly re-affirm his government’s condemnation of racist xenophobia.

The Nigerian government however, says on its twitter posts that enough is enough and that it will take definite measures to ensure safety and protection of its citizens.

In 2008 and 2015, the government of Malawi provided convoys of buses to bring back home scores of people who were made destitute in xenophobic attacks.

South Africans have been accusing Malawians and other African nationals of competing with them for jobs and government provided social services.





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