Mwanavemkha to present pro-poor national budget

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Members of the public are waiting with keen curiosity as Finance Minister Joseph Mwanamvekha is on Monday expected to present what is being described as a pro-poor 2019/2020 national budget.

Currently, the country is operating on Mwanamvekha’s maiden budget which was passed as a provisional financial plan pending the forthcoming fiscal year.

Pegged at over half a trillion, his first financial blue print was criticized as commentators argued that it is overboard considering the intended four month time frame.

Meanwhile, a social commentator Rafiq Hajat is predicting chaos in the forthcoming Parliamentary sitting in light of the elections case.

The elections case has stirred a hot debate in the country as the public is following it with keen interest. And the Malawi Health Equity Network is reiterating the need for the government to consider increasing the allocation to the health sector in line with the Abuja declaration on health. 

It comes as parliament is this afternoon expected to convene for the 2019/2020 national budget deliberations. The declaration calls for governments to ensure that the health sector gets 15 percent of the national budget.


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