Penalty on public officers who did not declare assets still unknown

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By Chnsisi Moyo 

The Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations is expected to make public details about the wealth of public officers after finalizing the collection of data.

The public awaits with keen interest the final report, following the 2018 incident when many public officers, including cabinet ministers, failed to declare their assets.

Some of those that did not declare have since returned to various posts.

Deputy Director of Public Officers’ Declarations Michael Chiusiwa  tells Capital FM that the coming in of this law is to make sure that the public officers do not use their official positions for personal   to enrich themselves, or to improperly enrich others ,.

“When a public officer does not comply  and has not submit his or her declaration to our office, the law empowers us to first among other things to recommend to relevant authorities for the officer to be dismissed from his position,” he explained.

On the fate of the public officers who failed to declare the assets previously, Chiusiwa pointed out that action is yet to be taken.

“There were some public officers within the political category, Members of Parliament, within the Cabinet, we accordingly reported to relevant authorities for action in this case removal from the office and you may wish to not what we are awaiting from the relevant authorities to come back to us,” he said.

The Public Officers (Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interest), Act of 2013, obligates public office holders, their immediate family members and associates to declare their full financial status by disclosing details such as bank accounts, the location of the accounts and names of the banking institutions.

Despite continued noncompliance by some public officers, Chiusiwa points out that  the declaration is also beneficial to the same officers.

“This law is also advantageous to the public officers themselves, because there are some that use their resources, where people doubt the source,” Chiusiwa, added.

Meanwhile the public continues to look forward to how the law is going to apply to the public officers, especially the politicians who violated this law.



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