HRDC wants justice on stalker

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By Catherine Tinto

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition-HRDC has said it is expecting that the police will professionally handle the case in which a suspected intelligence officer was caught stalking members of the organisation.

The suspect, who is also alleged to have been the same man who attempted to throw what spectators described as a grenade at vehicles belonging to HRDC members at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, was manhandled and handed over to the police.

According to the coalition’s vice chairperson Gift Trapence, they hope selective justice will not be applied in this case.

“We don’t want this person to be shielded because he is working in the OPC(Office of the President and Cabinet) or because he is linked to the DPP, and it’s a clear issue and we don’t expect none other  than the law to take its course,” Trapence said.

Trapence further states that as HRDC, they will follow up the case with the police to make sure that justice prevails.


“The case is very straight forward, what we expect from the  police is that this person should be taken to court  because he is a suspect,  for he is a person who wanted to attack or to bomb our vehicles when we were having meeting the attorney general,” he  said.

HRDC stresses that if he is to be given bail, it wants to be made aware of the grounds of the bail to be grated.

Several attempts to get comments from the police on the matter proved futile as the phones for the National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera went unanswered and his colleague Thomeck Nyaude, refused to comment referring Capital FM back to Kadadzera.



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