Malawi left out on SA's post Xenophobic attack talks

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By Grace Donga

Malawi has not received any communication from the South African government on special envoys sent to apologise for xenophobic attacks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has sent special envoys to countries whose citizens have been affected by the attacks to apologise and initiate peace talks.

The special envoys will deliver messages of solidarity to several heads of state and governments across Africa amid tensions and violence in that country.

The team is expected to visit Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

But Malawi is missing on the list.

When asked about the issue, Spokesperson for Malawi’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Rejoice Shumba said they haven to seen the list.

We haven’t received any information in that regard. When we see it(the list), its when we are going to be able to comment,” Shumba Said.

The ministry Spokesperson refused to divulge further information about the Ramaphosa ‘apology mission’.

‘We cannot comment on something that we have not seen. Let us see the list first then we can comment, because i cannot comment on something that i don’t know,” she emphasized.

In an earlier interview, Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaila stressed that it was not necessary for Malawi to meet the SA government, as the violent acts were not orchestrated by the state.

Kasaila went on to say that what was need was for the government in the Rainbow Nation to conduct more civic education for its citizenry on importance of coexistence.

In the meantime, it is still not yet known why Malawi is missing on the list of countries where the South African envoys are visiting.



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