Court throws out AG's application to have UTM pay for witness withdraw

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By Trust Ofesi

The Constitutional Court sitting in Lilongwe has thrown out an application by the Attorney General(AG) demanding that the UTM makes payment for its withdrawal of witnesses in the elections case.

The UTM withdrew 34 witnesses pointing out that the first four had covered all the necessary areas.

Making the ruling, Judge Sunduzwayo Madise stressed that the case is in the interest of the public hence it is unnecessary to be quick at penalizing parties in the trial.

Until Friday, the UTM had four witnesses testifying before the courts namely, Miriam Gwalidi, Darlington Ndasauka, Bright Kawanga and the UTM leader Saulos Chilima.

The court is today expected to start hearing testimony from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), leader Lazarus Chakwera.


MCP is the second petitioner in the case.

The two (Malawi Congress Party and the UTM) are disputing through the courts, the results of the of the May 21 presidential election citing massive irregularities.

The court  hopes to finish hearing the case in good time towards bringing sanity in the country as there has been unrest since the announcement of the presidential results.


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