Germany tips Malawi on need for dialogue

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By Trust Ofesi


The German government has called on the government of Malawi to engage in meaningful dialogue with the opposition as a step towards the country’s peace recovery process.

The remarks have been made at the opening of a two day annual bilateral negotiations between the two countries in Lilongwe.

Among other issues on the table are Malawi’s high income inequalities, limited access to education, the booming population and public finance management.

Germany’s Head of Division for Southern Africa, Alois Schneider has pointed out that Malawi can only realize its growth potential if there is a commitment to policy implementation as well as transparency and accountability in a peaceful environment.

Highlighted the need to protect the rights of people when they are demonstrating and also stressed the need to engage in dialogue.

This comes in light of the series of protests led by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) that have been held in the country since the May 21 elections.

He added that government should consider dialogue towards ensuring that the progress of the country is not impeded what is going on in the country.

 “Investors or economic prosperity cannot happen if there is no peace, so there is need for government to come in and engage the opposition parties to ensure that Malawi is stable and peaceful as it has always been”, Schneider said.

Schneider’s call also follows the recent move by President Peter Mutharika to extend an olive branch to opposition political parties as well as civil society organizations.

upon his return from the Africa-Russia Summit, Mutharika said they is a need for the parties involved in the elections case to hold talks on ending the current political instability.

The bilateral meeting is expected to continue until Wednesday in the capital Lilongwe.



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