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LL Health Center develops innovative Covid treatment

As various scientist around the world continue looking for better ways of treating and dealing with Covid 19, a Lilongwe based health facility is using Hydrotherapy to treat Covid patients.

Liberty Heart Centre in Lilongwe has found a new way of treating Covid 19 patients by using what it terms as water treatment.

This new method comes as many people in the country have turned to herbal medicines to cure and prevent contraction of the virus.

According to the hospital’s physician and cardiologist Martin Mwaiponya, the process uses only water and patients with persistent symptoms have been getting better.

“We are using a mobile sonar which is actually an insulated tent with an evaporator or a steamer outside and this produces steam into an enclosed tent in which an individual sits on a chair and the idea is to make the tent very hot and make the individual sweat,” Mwaiponya explains.

He further explained that the patients are undergo the therapy on a daily basis, until they start to loose symptoms after which they are also required to repeat the process a few more times and are retested to ascertain their status.

According to most medical experts, Covid 19 patients are encouraged to be taking warm water or hot drinks to keep the body’s temperature well off as the virus thrives in cool-cold temperatures.

Others are also being advised to do exercise that may help them to sweat.

“We believe that the sweating removes waste and toxins from the body providing the right environment for the body immune system and cells to work in. So in the long line when a patient is on this treatment, he stimulates his immunity,” he added.

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Mwaiponya also added that as of early this week, they had registered at least 10 recoveries, using the therapy.

He went on to advise that those the hospital is providing the support system free of charge and has since appealed to the public especially those with Covid-19 to use the supportive treatment at the facility.


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