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MCC endorses MW’s project proposals for next compact

The US Millennium Challenge Corporation-MCC review committee has endorsed Malawi’s project proposals for the second proposed development compact.

Officials from the Malawi Millennium Development Trust-MMDT have confirmed the development to Capital FM .

Following the completion of the previous 350 million dollars energy compact in September 2018, the Malawi Government embarked on development of a new project.

The MCC board certified Malawi as eligible for another compact in December 2018.

The MMD Trust team has told Capital FM that the development processes are progressing well.

“At the moment we are at a stage where we have developed two proposals and those project proposals have already been sent to Washington for review,” reveals Janet Chidothi Mphongozidana Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist for MMD Trust.

Janet C. | Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist | Malawi  Millennium Development Trust | Devex
Chidothi-Mphongozidana: we are keeping fingers crossed

“I think this month we should know exactly the outcome of those proposals, but I am told the review committee has already endorsed those proposals,” Mphongozidana added.

According to compact development procedures as recommended by the MCC, eligible countries follow about five steps or phases before they can actually have a fully funded compact.

Malawi is currently in the 4th phase, which involves development of plans for the agreed-upon projects, budget development as well as identification of location for implementation of the selected or proposed compact project.

Among the project proposals, Malawi is looking at improving road networks in regard to building linkages with farm produce markets, increasing the productivity of land to address issues of accessibility and strengthening the Land Act.

The two proposed projects Increasing land productivity and Accelerated growth corridors were sent to the MCC in October 2020.

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Despite having made submissions within the set timeframe, the MMD Trust is however concerned that some aspects in the current phase will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Having submitted the project proposal, our next step was to go out to verify with the people and do feasibility study, so these study you do them desk research based but you also talk to people. Which at the moment we cannot do, especially going to the rural community,” Chidothi Mphongozidana said.

She added that alternatively their consultants are using phones and the process has since been extended in order to create room to reach a greater number of people.

“The process instead of completing it in a few months, has been extended to the end of the year, so it’s been really hard on our part, because most of the processes have been delayed by the pandemic,” she lamented.

The current phase was supposed to be completed by June.

The country is scheduled to have all the process of the development process completed by September this year and also to seal the compact during the same period for implementation to commence next year.

MCC in collaboration with MMD is now undertaking independent studies that will further inform the
refinement of project proposals and identification of implementation areas. This phase is expected to
be completed by March 2022


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