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SA bid farewell to acting giant


South Africans have bid farewell to celebrity actor, producer, and director Aaron, Arthur “Shona” Ferguson, who has been laid to rest in a private ceremony in Johannesburg.

Ferguson died on Friday from Covid-19 related complications at the age of 47.

He died at the same time as Johannesburg experienced an earth tremor, but at Wednesday’s funeral, Ferguson’s brother Dominque said, “It wasn’t an earthquake, it was a giant taking a last breath.”

He added: “He was what others were inspired to become.”

The MC opened the funeral service with words from Shona himself: “If you want to know how rich you are, find out what you have that money cannot buy”.

Shona was known for his rich personal and professional life. He loved his family and he loved his work.

During the heart-wrenching service, he was remembered for being a devoted family man and friend, especially by his wife, fellow actress Connie Ferguson.

Their love story was adored by fans.

The Fergusons were a power couple on the South Africa media landscape, owning Ferguson Films.

They are most famous for co-producing Rockville, iGazi, The Gift, The Throne, The Herd, The Queen, The River and The impostor, plus a Netflix series called Kings of Joburg.

In a recorded message Connie said: “My love, my skat pie, Sho Fede, my Laaitie.

“Never in a million years did I think I’d be in this position that I am in today, speaking as I am without your physical presence.

“I thought we were going to grow old together, that’s what I saw for us, that has always been the dream. I never anticipated where we are today.”

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